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Showtek & Brooks release new collab

Showtek doesn't really need an introduction, but this new release does. The collab with Brooks is exciting enough we ould say. This new track contains great vocals of Natalie Major and the use of synths shows how musical Showtek can be. The deep bassline is solid with the huge kick, so this track is ready to conquer the world.   

Showtek has the following to say about this release: 'With our new song, “On Our Own,” we took the approach that everyone should  and can be a strong and confident individual no matter what. This is obviously a strong message given the current political landscape we are living in. Also, it really harkens back to the fabric of dance music.'

Brooks tells us with great enthusiasm:

'This track means a lot to me. I’ve always respected Showtek a lot and I’m extremely proud that we’re releasing a collab now.'

A preview of the tracks is here below, let us know what you think!


Source: Showtek Facebook