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At Homeproducer.net I can earn points when I am active, but how does it work?

Homeproducer.net would like to reward members who are active on this website. You can redeem these points and win great prizes every month in the lottery we do.

The points are rewarded if you :

  • Add Media = 10 points
  • Rate Media = 15 points
  • Place comments = 3 points
  • Visit new content = 1 point
  • Login to Danceproducer.net = 5 points (max. 1 per day)
  • Add Friend = 3 points
  • Complete profile = 5 points

If you rate media we need good comments, so other members can learn from your feedback. If you abuse the feedback form we will deduct all points from your account. 

We will give away prizes every month. Please be informed that points can be used to win if you have an upgraded account. In the 'REVIEW PAGE' you can see which prizes you can win!


The KNOWLEDGE BASE PAGE is one of the most valuable pages of Danceproducer.net.. On this page you can find a producers bible which explains technical terms for you. Also we have unique interviews with A&R managers, producers and tutorials which are filmed by the Danceproducer Team. Also we have loads of written tutorials which will help you to work with your DAW, VST instruments and effects. Every month there are new topics and we will also give you very handy 'producing tips' brought to you by great producers from all over the world. On this page we also made a 'FORUM' where you can discuss with other producers or just sell your hardware. 

The 'REMIX PAGE' is only accesible for our premium members. You can find all remix contest worldwide on this page which you can easily join. We will bring you to the best contests which are send out by big names in the scene, so maybe this will help you to get a release on Armada Music?!! Also Danceproducer.net will do remix contest where you can win great prizes like midi keyboards or a nice pair of speakers!