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What is the Homeproducer website about?

Homeproducer is a networking website designed and built for producers worldwide. From hip hop to trance, from techno to EDM we are the community for everybody that is making music at their home studio.

What can you find on this website?

News & entertainment

Every week we have the latest news for you available about artists and gear.

Also there is a ‘fun’ page where you can find some funny quotes, pics or video’s about producing.

Profiles, network and feedback

Next to this content you can have your social profile where you can upload you music. We use the ‘embedding feature’ of Youtube and Soundcloud for this. Within 30 seconds you can have your new tracks online and get feedback from other members or records labels.

Getting feedback is always nice, but getting proper feedback from professionals in the industry is even better. We have a feedback reports tool in your account that will tell you more about the feedback you have received on your tracks.

Want to get in touch with other producers? Check the 'community section'. Here you'll find a forum and an overview of the members and groups on Homeproducer.net


Knowledge is something you need to become a good producer. We are building our own knowledge base with tutorials, special interviews by great artists that will share tips and tricks.

You can watch these tutorials by using your the points in your account.
With the points in your account you can also win new gear or other useful give aways. Every 2 months you can join our lottery and have a good chance to win.

Points / Credits

If you join our community you will get 500 points for FREE. With these points you will have acces to some tutorials of our knowledge base or you can join our lottery.

In future it will be possible to buy extra points if needed, but it is also possible to earn your points.
Active members can earn points by uploading their music, give feedback, post in groups etc. The more active you will be the more points you will get. > More information.

Premium account

You can get a premium membership on this website. If you are a premium member you are supporting the website and you are getting all benefits that we have to offer.

You don’t need to worry about how many points you need for a tutorial or lottery. Premium membership means ‘all access’ to everything we are developping for you.